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  • Balances

    A range of low priced precision, laboratory and analytical balances for weighing smaller items to a greater accuracy. For labs,  paintshops, schools, breweries etc.

  • Bench Scales

    A range of quality bench scales and checkweighers from various manufacturers for heavy or light industrial use

  • Checkout Scales

    A range of quality scales with column mounts for checkout counters or to connect to EPOS systems

  • Checkweighing Scales

    A range of checkweighing scales with lights or sounds to quickly check the weight of a product. Ideal for bakery or industrial usage. 

  • Counting Scales

    A range of quality scales for parts counting typically nuts and bolts or for counting money. Typically used as stocktaking scales.

  • Labelling Scales

    A range of intelligent scales with the ability to store PLU data and print labels or tickets, for weighed and non-weighed products

  • Platform Scales

    A range of platform and floor mounted scales with a large capacity and large base for weighing boxes and pallets

  • Pocket and Portable Scales

    A range of low cost compact scales, portable and pocket scales. Typically used for weighing jewellery, herbs or smaller items

  • Postal Scales

    A range of quality low cost postal scales for weighing post and parcels. For use in post rooms, offices and warehouses.

  • Retail Scales

    A range of retail shop scales. From economy trade approved price computing scales to intelligent touchscreen scales with EPOS and labelling facilities. 

  • Scale Indicators & Displays

    A range of scale indicators and displays to connect to scale platforms. From low cost readouts to intelligent indicators with memory facilities and OIML

  • Stocktaking Scales

    A range of parts counting inventory scales for use in stocktaking. From low capacity to count finer items up to larger capacity platform counting systems

  • Wash Down Scales

    A range of washdown scales with an IP rating of IP66 or more, for use in a wash down environment or where waterproof scales may be required 

  • Hanging Scales (Crane Scales)

    A selection of suspended scales for use on cranes or girders or where space may be an issue. Hanging scales have many uses such as weighing large boxes or meat.  

  • Moisture Analysers

    A selection of moisture analysis scales that determine the percentage of moisture in a product by running multiple tests.