Paper-free food and drinks ordering. Takes payments at the table. Sends information from table to chef in seconds. Improves service times and reduces mistakes.

PocketTouch is Epos Software for hand-held devices, specifically for the hospitality and catering industry. Working in conjunction with TouchPoint from ICRTouch, PocketTouch delivers instant, paper free ordering from table to kitchen.
PocketTouch will prompt the server to request customer preferences
"How would you like you're steak cooked? Rare, Medium or Well Done?" 

PocketTouch can be run on Android 2.2 or above and Apple devices.

PocketTouch Features

  • If an item is sold out, PocketTouch can warn the server.
  • Improves Customer service.
  • Faster table turnaround.
  • Orders sent automatically to the kitchen.
  • Ordering errors virtually eliminated.
  • Bill printing.
  • Chef can begin cooking immediately.
  • All cooking options and preferences available to server.
  • Simple to use.

Download the PocketTouch Brochure Download 

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