Spotlight on some of our Gold Customers

I Due Vulcani

Italian Restaurant.

I Due Vulcani is a new Italian Restaurant & Bar in the very Popular Crescent area of Hinckley. They serve a very extensive menu of traditional Italian dishes, quality steaks, pasta , pizza, seafood. With gorgeous starters & delicious desserts. They cater for all the family with a Childrens menu offering smaller portions. All this at a very reasonable price.

The Bar & Lounge

The Bar offers a large selection of beverages with Draught Beers, Spirits, Wines, Cocktails, Soft Drinks, Specialty Coffee's & Tea's. You can enjoy these drinks with your meal or if your not eating take advantage of the lounge area with its comfy sofa's.

Epos Equipment Required

Their requirements were for a fast and accurate Touch Screen system, with a printer in the kitchen to split orders by table and courses, a bar printer to print orders at the bar, a table tracking system to add orders against tables so the customers bill is calculated at the end of the meal. They also wanted to electronically take orders direct at the tables so they would be sent straight to the kitchen & bar printers without the hassle of writing on a pad then adding to the till.

The Cash Register

We supplied a Sam4s Titan Touch Screen at the point of sale . This a 12" Touch Screen terminal that is bezel free so no corners for nasty old liquid to congeal and stop the screen from working properly. This was linked to a cash drawer, 2 printers 1 in the kitchen for food orders & a bar printer for bar orders, receipts & customer bills.

Sam4s Titan

The Software

We loaded the till with ICRTouch Touchpoint software. We find this the most easy to use, to program & forward thinking software available. With a superb support network. Its an ideal solution for Bars, Restaurants, Fast Food & Retail. We can load any software we like on to our machines, we have been offered slightly cheaper options but the quality is miles apart.


PocketTouch For Table Orders

For taking orders at the table we supplied 7" Android pads with ICR PocketTouch Software. PocketTouch duplicates the screen on the tills to your Android pad allowing your to take orders, allocate to a table and send to printers in the kitchen & bar. It also allows for you to send to the kitchen how you would like dishes cooked and any allergy requirements.


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