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TouchPoint from ICRTouch is in our opinion world beating Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) software. It was developed over 15 years ago and is upgraded annually. The reliability of the software is second to none and it's feature list is immense. There have been to date over 80,000 TouchPoint licenses issued and counting. At Weigh-Till we are so confident of TouchPoint as a product it is the only EPoS software we sell

TouchPoint has ability...


Whether operating as a scanning system in a retail shop or sending orders to the kitchen in a busy restaurant TouchPoint runs smoothly and seamlessly. This software achieves so much yet TouchPoint is simple to use. Training really is minimal and new or casual staff can operate the till confidently in no time at all.


TouchPoint software can be adapted to work in many environments such as the aforementioned retail outlets and restaurants but also in pubs, clubs, hairdressers, drycleaners, schools, ticketing sytems and the list goes on. Basically for any outlet that requires a point of sale, TouchPoint can be configured with a bespoke screen design and specific features to suit.
Inbuilt ETAL scripting software also allows us (the reseller) to add features that are specific to a single customer.
This isn't out of the box software it is completely configurable and one of the main reasons we love it!


TouchPoint is compatable with a myriad of hardware options - touchscreens, printers, cash drawers, scanners and displays to name a few and with various interfaces e.g Serial, USB, Bluetooth or ethernet.
It doesn't just work on one touchscreen it will work on almost any. It has been primarily written to work with Windows OS but can be adapted to run on an iPad or Apple Mac.


This is where TouchPoint comes into it's own it is not only capable of linking to many other terminals running touchpoint and transferring data seamlessly but it also acts as the central hub for the software in the following list:

  • PocketTouch handheld waiter pads
  • TouchOffice (backoffice software)
  • TouchLoyalty (customer loyalty software)
  • TouchTakeaway (takeaway cloud software)
  • TouchKitchen (kitchen ordering software)
  • TouchMenu (responsive menu display)
  • CollectionPoint (open order display software)


Why is TouchPoint desirable?
Because we can 'skin' the screen to look and operate however you want it to on almost any hardware you desire. This software is flexible, so if you want an orange and black design on a white screen to suit your restaurant, it can be done. If you want to print shelf edge labels and check stock with a handheld device it can be done.

To summarise...

TouchPoint from ICRTouch is the definitive EPoS software.

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