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Digital Waiter Pad Software

PocketTouch is a professional paper-free way to take food and drinks orders. Our revolutionary hand-held software solution has been designed and developed specifically for the hospitality and catering industries.

A Plethora of Features...

Table Management

PocketTouch offers precision control of its graphical floor plan. Easy to navigate, designed for speed.
Find a free table at a glance from the waiting area as soon as it becomes available. Seat your guests sooner, with less waiting time.
Assign names to tables, so the waiting staff can provide a personal level of customer service.
Custom start level, so devices used on the terrace always open at the right place.
Highlight a table to see its current status, including table open/closed, total, items, and bill printed.

Staff Prompts

Automatically prompt staff with a range of meal options.

Print the bill at the table

Print the bill directly from PocketTouch at the table or any other seating area.

Kitchen and Bar Printing

PocketTouch sends the order directly to the kitchen or bar for printing or for display on a video screen.

Gestures For Quick Item Amendment

Quickly 'add one' or remove a product by swiping the item in the sale window.

To summarise...

PocketTouch software from ICRTouch can eliminate handwritten mistakes and increase turnaround of tables by providing a fater service.

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PocketTouch Software

PocketTouch is available on Android or IOS

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